Good Citizens Awards – Silver Passed

Good Citizens Awards – Silver Passed

P1000157 P1000168


Lila with Andy, Beauden with Bernadette, Bunty with Fiona, Bruce with Annemarie

Rupert with Evelyn, Harris with Graham, Corrib with Catherine, Hugo with Yukiko

Breagh with Gerry, Hanna with Laura, Joe with Lois, Julie with Christie, Sutto with Susan, Millie with Gaynor, Bart with Mags

Kara with Val, Rosie with Evelyn

Louie with Val, Willow with Irene, Elli with Jon

Rusty with Darren, Sam with Yukiko

Poppy with Lisa

Carra with Ian, Tweed with Helen, Ruby with Caroline

Good Citizens Awards – Puppy Foundation Passed

Good Citizens Awards – Puppy Foundation Passed



Good Citizens Awards – Bronze Passed

Good Citizens Awards – Bronze Passed

P1000167     GCC Bronze Corrib - Catherine & Cassie - Barbara           P1000006

Lara with Paul, Molly with Liz

Corrib with Catherine, Cassie with Barbara

Hugo with Yukiko, Drifter with Linda

Elli with Jon, Willow with Irene

Lola with Gill

Freddie with Mary, Lexi with Katie & Barbara

Millie with Sheila

Holly with Micheal, Rosie with Evelyn, Alisa with Lucie

Hamish with Kayleigh, Ozzy with Holly

Harris with Graham

Jack with Lesley, Buddy with Angela

Poppy with Jane & Brett

Gracie with Pam

Roxy with Mandy

Barra with Sean, Libby with Brian, Boe with Chloe & James, Megan with Carolyn & Neil

Wallace with Dolina, Millie with Tom

Hamish with Kayleigh

Skye with Leanne

Joey with Fraser, Fizz with Zack, Ruby with Caroline, Kali with Beverly, Buster with Catherine, Millie with Holly

Barra with Madeleine, Kyra with Lynn

Lila with Andy, Fred with Claire, Flora with Donna, Dexter with Emma