Code of Conduct

  • Please keep your dog on lead arriving, leaving and in class unless otherwise instructed
  • An ordinary collar/harness and lead is required. We do not allow choke collars of any kind or extending leads. By law your dog must be microchipped and wear a disc showing the owner’s name, address and phone number
  • Please do not feed your dog just before class and make sure he/she has been to the toilet. The Church grounds must be kept clean and free of poo. Poo bags are available on request as are cleaning materials
  • Please park sensibly and be considerate to other groups which may be on at the same time in the Church
  • Please keep your dog under control at all times and allow plenty of space for dogs coming and going.
  • On arrival please pay at the desk and if possible have the correct money, take a seat and encourage your dog to settle on the mat provided
  • Please do not approach or feed other dogs
  • As the hall rent is paid weekly, please let Val know if you cannot attend. Any non-attendance for a period of four weeks will result in your place being re-allocated unless previously arranged with Val
  • All exercises are backed up with training sheets which are on the table next to the door. Please help yourself
  • Training should be fun for both owners and dogs but if you need extra help, information or advice please ask Val at the end of the class
  • Children under fourteen must be accompanied by an adult
  • Please check our facebook page and website for updates

Thank you