All training is reward based, using treats and praise.  You will need an ordinary flat collar and lead and some soft treats.  No choke collars or extending leads are allowed.  Children are welcome but must be well behaved!  Each dog will be treated as an individual as they all learn at different rates.

PUPPY CLASS (Puppies up to 5 months)
Puppies can join on completion of their vaccination program. The class consists of socialisation, habituation, handling, basic obedience and advice on behaviours such as teething, toileting, biting and chewing. Your puppy will learn how to sit, lie down, stand, come, heel, respond to name, stay and leave. Puppy time is fun time!

JUNIOR CLASS (Puppies from 5 to 8 months)
Socialisation and habituation are still integral parts of the training in this class as well as helping you have a well-behaved and happy dog. We teach all the basic exercises, manners, perfecting positions, paying attention and working with and without distractions.

BEGINNER CLASS (Dogs from 5 months)
In this class we learn how to maintain our dog’s attention, teaching manners, control at door/gate, walking on loose lead, formal recall, more advanced stays and send away.

Introducing road safety stops, distance control and scent work. Teaching all exercises to a more advanced level. Working on and off lead.

Taking all exercises to advanced level. Working with and without hand signals, on and off lead.

FUN NIGHT (last week of the month)
In this class, as an alternative to regular training sessions, we teach tricks which helps to build confidence in timid or fearful dogs. We also introduce a mini agility course to give mental stimulation and build confidence.


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